Have you ever thought of it that we humans are being reckless with our planet? Taking actions without remorse on the possible effects on our world? 

Don’t go deep in thoughts the repercussions are staring at us in the face, from unprecedented flooding in America to Bangladesh, drought sweeping through West Africa. The good news is all these could be managed if only you and I are willing to take simple steps capable of saving our world.

1. Plant a tree

As simple as it sounds, the impact is enormous on our world. Planting a tree and watching it grow can help much in saving our planet than any other method. Trees give oxygen to absorb carbon emissions around us, also taking in carbon dioxide during the process of photosynthesis.

2. Conserve water

If we add up the volume of water wasted by millions around the world while brushing their teeth alone, the result will be bewildering as it can provide water to more than ten nations with unclean drinking water. Also, it takes energy to draw and filter water from underground, so why waste both?

3. Using a clothesline instead of a dryer

This one doesn’t cost you a dime. Our over reliance on numerous electrical appliances, over time made us forget other usefulness of the sun which could be used for free. I hope you know you can save up to 700 pounds of carbon dioxide when you air dry your clothes in the open for 6 months?

4. Turn off the lights

This is an easy task to fulfill without sweating. It’s simple, but requires your willpower in doing this. When lamps or bulbs are not in use, turning them off reduces energy waste if you’re not using a room, there’s no need for the light to be on. Reduce energy wastage.

5 .Turn off electronic devices

Turning off electronic devices when you are moving out for a couple of days or more is a simple way of conserving energy to save our world from the yearly increase in temperature. Your unnecessary usage of electronic appliances will not only save power, but prolong the lifetime of your gadgets.

6. Use less HOT water

Saving our world takes little or no work most times, but often they are overlooked and our attention is usually focused on automobiles and industries emitting carbon. One of these is the excessive use of hot water during laundry or cleaning which can reduce hereby saving energy for the future.

7. Create Awareness

Finally, trying your best to inform people around you. Tell them how they can contribute their part by conserving energy that will be good for the environment. Saving the world doesn’t need the topsy-turvy of advanced technology most times, but by doing little things that counts at the long-run.

On the whole, we are all saddled with the duty of saving our dear planet from further harm by limiting or reducing activities responsible for her continuous environmental degradation.  These easy steps need no spending of your income, but your commitment to saving the future generations from an imminent apocalypse. You can start with the easiest of all by sharing this article among loved ones in creating awareness. You have one world!


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