Growing and maintaining a beard takes more than just time and patience. It takes care and grooming. Unless you like a course, itchy, and an unruly mound of hair on your face, your beard will need attention and a little love. To ensure a healthy, hydrated, and gentlemanly beard, you’ll need to invest in some beard oil. Designed to smooth your facial hairs and soothe the skin beneath, oil will help turn any rough and rugged bushy beard into a well-groomed and magnificent masterpiece. All you need to know is which beard oils will do as promised and how to use it for maximum results.

1. The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil and Conditioner Softener

As well as being 100% natural and organic, the Gentlemen’s Beard Oil is also fragrance-free. Perfect for gents who prefer not to fuss about with scents, this product is entirely free of any smell. When it comes to performance, this oil is impressive and promises to reduce beard itch and flaking skin with its vitamin E and evening primrose formula. On top of all that, it also treats split ends and is easy to use.


The Gentlemen's Beard Oil and Conditioner Softener

2. Smooth Viking Beard Oil

Need to soften your rough, brittle or unruly beard? Smooth Viking’s Beard Oil is the answer. This oil is designed to leave you with soft and manageable facial hair and can tackle even the beastliest of beards. The easy to use formula supports the overall health of your beard and helps stop skin itching. It’s also packed with all-natural ingredients to ensure excellent results without any nasty chemicals.


Smooth Viking Beard Oil

3. Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil

Handcrafted from the finest organic oils, the Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil contains nothing artificial and is vegan-friendly. The made-in-the-USA product features eight premium hydrating oils, including virgin argan oil and golden jojoba oil, and seven essential oils. Described as “better than an oil” this product targets hair growth and beard and skin health to condition, nourish, and relieve any irritation.


Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil

4. Leven Rose Fragrance-Free Beard Oil

Leven Rose’s Fragrance-Free Beard Oil moisturises beard hair and skin to create a respectable and kissable beard while eliminating itching and dandruff. The formula, which is not only fragrance-free but free from fillers, additives, parabens, and GMOs, contains only two ingredients. Organic jojoba oil and organic Moroccan argan oil give this simple yet effective formula its incredible calming power.


Leven Rose Fragrance Free Beard Oil

5. The American Beard Company Beard Oil and Conditioner

The American Beard Company claims that its Beard Oil and Conditioner will take you one step closer to having a majestical beard. Just a few drops rubbed thoroughly through your beard, and you’ll have facial hair that is soft, tamed, dandruff free, and overall nice and healthy. The oil’s scentless formula contains jojoba seed oil and argan kernel oil, both of which have been scientifically proven to help moisturise the hair and skin, stimulate healthy hair growth, and eliminate dry skin that causes flaking and itching.


The American Beard Company Beard Oil

6. Grave Before Shave Bay Rum Beard Oil

This beard oil by Grave Before Shave contains a fantastic and manly Bay Rum scent with soothing coconut afternotes. The brand even claims that the smell will bring out the pirate in any gent! While we’re not sure about that, we are confident that its ingredients will bring out the softer side of your beard. Designed to moisturise and strengthen your facial hair as well as condition the skin underneath it, this all-natural formula is adept at helping you grow a healthy beard.


Grave Before Shave Bay Rum Beard Oil

7. Art Naturals Beard and Stache Oil

Organic jojoba, Moroccan argan and vitamin E oils combine in this Beard and Stache Oil by Art Naturals to condition and soften facial hair for better grooming. As well as being designed to eliminate itching and banish skin flaking, this healing and hydrating formula can also fight acne. The 100% natural and paraben-free product contains antioxidant powers to cleanse pores while stimulating healthy hair growth.


Art Naturals Beard and Stache Oil

8. Bossman Jelly Beard Oil

As the world’s first jelly-based beard oil, Bossman Jelly Beard Oil bonds to beard hairs better than traditional oils. As such, this top product, which contains carefully chosen natural oils, can provide more intense moisturising, taming, and strengthening than conventional products. It also offers longer-lasting results thanks to the jelly’s ability to penetrate deeply and hydrate the roots of the hair follicles and pores of the skin. Additionally, this oil’s Magic scent is warm and intoxicating, making it perfect for close encounters and special occasions. It boasts a rich blend of sandalwood and vanilla with highlights of bergamot, patchouli and frankincense.


Bossman Jelly Beard Oil

9. Elle and Eve Coconut Rum Beard Oil

After months spent sourcing the U.S. for the finest plant-based oils, Elle and Eve created the Coconut Rum Beard Oil. This high-quality oil, which was made in collaboration with dermatologists, promises to boost your beard’s health and vitality. It features premium coconut oil, argan oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, grapeseed oil, soybean oil, and olive oil, meaning it’s packed with nourishing ingredients. By hydrating your facial hair and the skin beneath, this product will soothe your skin, improve your beard and leave you smelling deliciously like coconut rum. In addition to all this, its lightweight formula can be quickly absorbed without leaving any oily or greasy residue.


Premium Beard Oil For Men

10. Mountaineer Brand WV Timber Beard Oil

If you want to up your beard game, you need Mountaineer Brand WV Timber Beard Oil. Perfect for turning a dull and scruffy beard into a thing of beauty, this oil works to rejuvenate and rehydrate tired facial hair. The 100% natural oil, which contains no dyes, parabens or artificial fragrances, features just three base ingredients along with a couple of essential oils. These essential oils provide the WV Timber Beard Oil with its signature cedarwood and fir needle scent. With just a touch of eucalyptus as well, this oil smells refreshing without being overpowering.


Beard Oil By Mountaineer Brand

11. Can You Handlebar Wisdom Premium Beard Oil

Do you have a dry, itchy and flaky beard? Don’t worry; you can combat your beard woes with a healthy dose of Can You Handlebar’s Wisdom Premium Beard Oil. Designed to hydrate both your facial hair and skin, this oil will soften your scruff and tame dry, wild and split hairs. It also promises to encourage new growth without any hidden nasty ingredients. Additionally, its bright and woody scent is perfect for modern gents. Blending warm and masculine notes with fresh hits of cucumber and lemon, Wisdom Beard Oil’s smell is contemporary yet classic.


Can You Handlebar Wisdom Premium Beard Oil

12. Prophet and Tools Beard Oil

Fueling your beard just got a whole lot easier thanks to Prophet and Tools Beard Oil. Designed to restore, protect and bring your hairs back to life, this oil is like a dose of TLC for your facial fuzz. So, if your beard is dry, thin or even falling out, this nourishing and hydrating product promises to give it the boost it needs. As such, you can say goodbye to split ends, painful irritation, unsightly flakes, and tangled strands, and hello to healthy, fast-growing hairs and glorious shine. Best of all, no beard has to miss out with this nut-free formula that’s also suitable for vegans and those that practice Halal and Kosher.


Prophet And Tools Unscented Beard Oil

13. Smooth Viking Beard Balm

The Smooth Viking Beard Balm is a multipurpose product that all bearded gents should have in their arsenal. This robust and all-natural balm is perfect for styling and shaping beards as well as taking care of them. Featuring ingredients such as avocado oil, safflower oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba, and shea butter, it promises to provide you with a beard that looks and feels thicker. The product is also designed to encourage beard growth while keeping it touchably soft and healthy.


Smooth Viking Beard Balm

14. Honest Amish Beard Balm

Honest Amish is one of the most trusted brands in the world when it comes beard care and claims that it’s the best for your beard. The brand handcrafts all its items, including its Beard Balm, from scratch using only natural, organic, and sustainable ingredients. Its original beard balm recipe is designed to stop itchiness and eliminate “beardruff”. On top of that, it also softens coarse hairs and subdues rogue strands.


Honest Amish Beard Balm

How to Use Beard Oil

Despite being an essential product for creating killer facial hair, beard oil is surprisingly easy to use. The quick and straightforward process can be integrated into your regular grooming routine without causing any fuss or bother.

  • Use the eyedropper to place 2-3 drops of oil in the palm of your hand.
  • Rub hands together to spread the oil over fingers and palms.
  • Brush palms along the sides of your beard and down the front.
  • Use fingers to massage the product through the bottom of your facial hair and into your moustache.
  • Comb through to finish.

How to Grow a Beard Faster

Although it may seem like all it takes to grow a beard is some patience, the process can be much more complicated than that. In reality, growing a long and healthy beard requires plenty of TLC. While oils and conditioners will keep your beard soft and in good shape, vitamins will help it become longer and stronger. A proper diet with plenty of iron-rich foods, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and biotin is the best option for achieving optimum beard growth. If you’re finding that you’re not getting enough of these, supplements can provide the answer but speak to your GP first.

How to Make Homemade Beard Oil


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