This season, bid your long hair goodbye with a sleek high fade hairstyle. For men seeking to look and feel cool, this short, sharp cut provides the answer. Essentially, the high fade involves a close shave along the sides and back of the head. The defining factor of the ‘high’ fade, is that it reaches up above the midway line between the temples and the tops of the ears. The result is a crisp new look that has a vast range of styling options. So, if you’ve been rocking an undercut, pompadour or classic curly locks, give your hair a fresh update by adding a high fade. Not sure where to begin? Put that razor down and take a seat, because we’re here to reveal the best high fade haircuts to try this year.

High Fade Haircuts

1. High Taper Fade

When it comes to a high fade, your first decision will offer you the choice of three paths. Would you like a taper fade, a skin fade or a bald fade? In simple terms, a ‘skin fade’ buzzes the hair below the high fade line off completely, providing a clean shave to the scalp. A bald fade similarly requires a very close shave below a sleek high fade line. The third option, a taper fade, is a little different. This versatile, professional look generally incorporates a longer length above the high fade line that gradually ‘tapers’ or becomes shorter as it moves down towards the ears. This look can then be combined with your favourite style, whether that be a classy comb-over, stylish quiff, or a statement high-top.

High Taper Fade

2. High Fade with Quiff

If the pompadour had a brother, it would be the quiff. The similarities lie in the fact that both hairstyles involve brushing the hair up and back away from the forehead. However, unlike the pompadour, a quiff’s volume comes from brushing the hair back like a wave. This results in a look that is not dissimilar from that which David Beckham modelled on the soccer field. With the addition of a sharp high fade, therefore, this style is destined to draw admirers.

High Fade with Quiff

3. High Skin Fade

Clean and crisp, a high skin fade involves shaving the hair underneath the high fade line completely to the scalp. This modern, low-maintenance look allows you to experiment with your hair on top while eliminating any fuss from the sides and back of your head.

High Skin Fade

4. High Fade Undercut

Re-emerging as a popular hair trend for men across the world, the undercut features long hair on the top of the head which may be styled into a quiff, pompadour, or a slicked back. Alternatively, those long locks can be transformed into what has become famously known as ‘the man-bun‘. Finally, the key to this look is to keep the sides and back of the head clipped nice and short. Rather than buzzing that hair straight off, however, add a little shape and character to your look with a high fade.

High Fade Undercut

5. High Skin Fade Comb-Over

The high skin fade comb-over provides the perfect, high fashion look for men with thinning hair, seeking to maintain a stylish appearance. The high skin fade allows the head to be shaved clean up to a high point, while the comb-over brushes the hair across to create fullness and depth. It’s a yes from us.

High Skin Fade Comb-Over

6. High and Tight Fade

This classic military cut is the ultimate in minimalist hairstyles for men. Well suited to gents with dark hair, the high and tight fade is both neat and polished. The ‘tight’ aspect stems from the closely cropped longer hair on top, while the high fade ensures smooth lines and no-nonsense.

High And Tight Fade

7. High Fade with Faux Hawk

If you’re loving the idea of a mohawk but your partner (or boss!) are not, then a high fade with a faux hawk may be your answer. Taking inspiration from the classic punk mohawk, this style features a close-cropped high fade along the sides and longer hair on top that is sculpted upwards. For a dramatic look, pair your faux hawk with a high skin fade. Alternatively, opt for a high taper fade for a daring, yet still office appropriate, fresh style.

High Fade With Faux Hawk

8. High Top with High Fade

A gem of the 80’s and early 90’s, the high top is a renowned symbol of the golden hip-hop era. Now, the statement look is back, with a fresh new twist for the modern man. To bring your high-top into the 21st century, simply incorporate a sleek high fade along the sides and back of your head. Finally, style the remaining hair up as high as you can – that is the key part of this look after all.

High Top With High Fade

9. High Bald Fade

A popular choice for men over the past few years, it appears that the high bald fade isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Similar to a skin fade, the bald fade involves a very close shave below the high fade line. Creating the perfect clean slate, this style is a great choice for men who want to maintain their preferred style up top. Whether you’re after long slicked back hair, curls, a military cut, or anything in between, the high bald fade is the ideal addition to your next haircut.

High Bald Fade

10. High Fade with Part

For the businessman seeking an extra edge when it comes to style, combining a modern high fade with a classic side part is the way to the top. This simple, understated style is professional while remaining on trend.

High Fade With Part

11. High Fade Comb-Over

Whether you’re an award-winning hair stylist or a man who battles daily with his razor, the classic comb-over is a look any man can achieve. An all-around winner, this clean look simply requires you to part the hair on one side of the head and then to comb it towards the other. To elevate that comb-over to the next level, simply add in a high fade and voila- instant sophistication.

High Fade Comb Over

12. High Temp Fade

The high temp fade, as the name suggests, focuses on the temples. More specifically, it involves the creation of a distinct, often angular, shape or line around the temples. This popular style allows versatility as it suits almost any variation on the top. So if you want a sleek, defined look, then give the high temp fade a go.

High Temp Fade

13. High Drop Fade

Rather than creating a sharp line across the scalp, the high drop fade features a smooth rounded curve. The key points of identification for this style are that it reaches a high point at the front of the ears, and then curves gradually downwards towards the back of the head. Far from a bland option, however, this unique cut provides an additional point of interest to complement this season’s most popular hairstyles.

High Drop Fade

14. Curly High Fade

Breathe new life into your curls by incorporating an effortlessly cool high-fade into your next barber-shop visit. By repositioning and reshaping the hair, the curly high fade provides an instant update to your appearance.

Curly High Fade

15. High Fade with Dreads

If you’ve been looking for a new way to style those beloved dreads of yours, this is it. Adding a high fade will take those dreads off the shoulders and transform them into a sculptural, modern hairstyle.

High Fade with Dreads

16. High Fade with Braids

Allow your braids to take centre stage in your appearance with a sleek high fade. This sharp cut will redirect onlookers’ focus up to your expertly weaved locks, ensuring an easy to maintain, on-trend new look.

High Fade with Braids

17. High Fade Pompadour

If the king of rock and roll, Elvis, was a fan of the pompadour, then we are too. This classic look, which gained popularity amongst men in the 1950’s and 60’s, has seen a staggering resurgence in recent years. To achieve this look, the hair is sculpturally styled up off the forehead, with the secret help of some good ol’ hair gel. The simple reason for the pompadour’s newfound popularity lies in its modern reinterpretations, such as the addition of a sharp high fade.

High Fade Pompadour

18. High Fade with Long Hair

Maintain the best of both worlds by keeping your locks long on top and closely shaved on the sides. For men seeking a bold, statement-making haircut, the juxtaposition of a high fade with long hair will showcase your personal style.

High Fade With Long Hair

19. High Fade Slick Back

Take your office look from day to night with a haircut that will make you stand out in both the boardroom and the bar. The slicked-back style remains a timeless hairstyle for men seeking sophistication. The incorporation of a high fade elevates this look to provide that extra stylish edge.

High Fade Slick Back

29. High Taper Fade Afro

Add some shape and definition to your afro with the addition of a high taper fade. By gradually fading the hair, this option creates a balance between the volume up top and the polished smoothness down below.

High Taper Fade Afro


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