The fade haircut has proven to be a formidable opponent to more traditional hairstyles, lending a modern aesthetic to looks. The fade haircut can either be interpreted in a traditional sense or approached with more of an experimental styling. Either way, this hair trend’s recent popularization is a testament to its sleek dimensions and visual contrast. We’ve rounded up the coolest ways to harness the fade haircut, no matter how you wish to interpret its stylish proportions.

Men’s Fade Haircuts

Undercut Fade

An undercut fade haircut is a stylish look for modern gents. The on-trend cut features a longer length on top that quickly transitions into faded sides. Thanks to the extra length on top, this haircut is versatile and can be worn with a variety of styles, including a pompadour, quiff, or slicked-back look.

Slicked Back Style with Skin Fade

Temp Fade

A temp fade haircut, which is also known as a temple fade, is a stylish cut that features a shape up or line up around a gent’s temples. The haircut is one of the most popular fade styles for men and appears seriously stylish. It can also be tailored to appear either subtle and minimal or bold and striking.

Temple Fade

Taper Fade 

A taper fade haircut features hair on the sides and back of the head that gradually decreases in length from on top to reveal the skin around the neck. Like a standard fade haircut, a taper fade can also be high, mid or low. Thanks to its smart and fashionable aesthetic, this style is perfect for both the office and the weekend.

Taper Fade Haircut

High Top Fade

Looking for a hairstyle to show off your unique personality and style? A high-top fade may be the look for you. This bold style, which is typically worn by gents with afro-textured hair or dense curls, features long hair on top, which has been styled up, and faded sides.

High-Top Fade

Military Fade

For gents who like a short and sharp hairstyle, a military haircut fade is an ideal choice. This style typically features a high fade that is cut very close to the skin. It is also generally worn with a short crop on top, such as a crew cut. Thanks to its minimal length, this look is an excellent option that requires minimal styling.

Military Fade

Low Fade

The low fade haircut boasts a noticeably lower taper, graduating into longer proportions at an earlier point from the bottom of your haircut. Well suited to those with beards or facial hair, it is a clean take on this hair trend in a minimalist sense. Style your hair with matte products for a texturized take on this version of the fade haircut.

Low Fade

Mid Fade Haircut

The mid fade haircut starts at the point above the ears, making it distinctive yet still adaptable to different styling approaches. Complementary to short, straight hairstyles, it is a trendier interpretation of this cut. To ensure your styling of this cut is neat and under control, secure it with a firm-hold mousse or gel.

Mid Fade

High Fade Haircut

Typically more daring, the high fade haircut relies on a striking contrast between the longer locks on the top of your head with shorter, distinctive buzzed sides. Registering a more adventurous attitude with its differing elements, this style is suited to those who aren’t afraid of a bold interpretation of the recent trend. It can also suit both long and short hair lengths on top.

High Fade

Faux Hawk Fade

Featuring a longer length down the middle of the haircut, the faux hawk fade can be interpreted in a modest and contemporary way with noticeably distinctive proportions. To nail this look, ensure your sides are buzzed and well graduated to the middle of your haircut and play around with texture for a more dimensional look.

Faux Hawk Fade

Afro Fade

Afro haircuts can look particularly striking when paired with a stylish fade. Due to the natural volume and texture of afro hair, short and sharp faded sides create a complementary balance. If you have afro hair, try opting for a short length on top with an intense skin fade on the sides. The result will be a sophisticated and modern look that’s perfect for all occasions.

Afro Fade

Skin Fade Undercut

A skin fade haircut, which is also known as a bald fade haircut, is a type of fade that tapers dramatically. Typically, the cut features hair that has been buzzed completely off using either no guard or a #0, starting at the top of the ears. For a more dramatic appearance, you can also choose to start the skin fade higher on your head or partner it with a long length on top.

Skin FAde

Fade Hairstyles

Pompadour Fade

One of the most stylish hairstyles of the moment is the pompadour, and it happens to pair perfectly with a fade. While there are many variations of the pompadour fade, you can select one with subtly faded sides and a side-parted pomp for a dapper appearance. For a more intense version of the look, you can try a dramatic fade with a full pompadour on top.

best fade haircuts for men

Quiff Fade

Similar to a pompadour, a quiff is also a trendy hairstyle for gents. By adding a fade to the style, it becomes more balanced and has a more polished aesthetic. When rocking this look, adjust the height of your quiff and the length of your sides to suit your face shape. While rounder faces will look good with a high quiff and short sides, longer faces will better suit a small quiff and longer sides.

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Side Part Fade

Channel the classic side part with a fade that boasts slightly longer dimensions up the top. Ask your barber for a cut that will offer you more versatility when your hair is parted in a particular way and style with a strong hold pomade for a sleek interpretation of this trend.

Side Part Fade

Wavy Fade

Thanks to its texture, wavy hair looks modern and on-trend. This notion is particularly true when it’s also paired with a fade. If you have wavy hair and have chosen a faded haircut, you should consider wearing the top of your hair all combed back. Doing so will utilise the natural wave of your hair for a contemporary look while the clean styling and short sides maintain a polished appearance.

Textured Waves with Low Fade

Asian Fade

For Asian gents, a fade haircut can make an excellent choice. As Asian hair tends to be straight and smooth, adding a fade can create an interesting element with a contrasting texture. If you also have a round face type, opting for a fade with short sides will be highly flattering.

Asian fade


Blowout Fade

While there are many different variations of the blowout available today, a blowout fade is a classic interpretation of the style. The intense contrast between the high hair on top of the head and the faded sides makes this hairstyle an eye-catching option for gents.   

Blowout fade


Comb-Over Fade

Pairing a comb-over with faded sides is always a winning look for gents. The style, which creates a balance between classic and contemporary aesthetics, is elegant and completely stylish. It also makes an ideal option for a business haircut, so long as the fade is kept gentle and the top tidy. To style the look, start by creating a deep side part before using a comb and pomade to pull hair to one side.

Comb Over Fade

How to do a Fade Haircut

To achieve a fade haircut, which features short hair near the neck that gradually becomes longer toward the top of the head, plan your style before starting. Once you’ve decided where your fade will start, begin using clippers to trim your hair. Change the guard as you go to create a gradual fade that alters in length between the top, sides, and neck. Afterwards, check your cut and ensure that it is even and well blended. Alternatively, for a longer fade, use a combination of clippers and scissors.

The Best Fade Haircuts for Men

  • Select a mid-fade or taper fade for a classic and flattering appearance.
  • Choose a high fade or skin fade for a bold and fashionable appearance.
  • Try a low fade or subtle temp fade for an understated take on this hairstyle trend.
  • Tailor your faded hairstyle to suit your face shape by opting for a significant contrast between the top and sides if your face is round or minimal contrast if it is long.
  • Pair your fade with an interesting hairstyle on top, such as blowout, pompadour or quiff.


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