This year’s latest men’s hair trend is taking styles with long tops to the next level. While the pompadour, quiff and undercut have already caught our attention, it’s now time for the blowout to reign supreme. From New York to Paris, gents everywhere are rocking this revived hair trend with style. The blowout haircut is not only eye-catching but it is also fashion-forward and cool.

What is a Blowout Haircut?

A blowout is a type of men’s haircut that is cut and styled to appear as if the wearer was just hit in the face by a gust of wind. The unique and voluminous look features long strands on top with shorter sides, which are typically faded. While the look was initially popular in the ’90s, it is once again becoming a dominating hair trend for men.

1. Straight Blowout

This straight blowout style with shaved sides is bold and fashion-forward. The key to making the look work is to maintain a natural texture while keeping everything in place. Be especially careful if you have fine hair. A blowout of this style could end up falling flat and limp before the end of the day if your locks are thin.

Straight Blowout Haircut

2. Afro Blowout

Men with afro hair can also rock an awesome blowout style. Thanks to plenty of natural texture and volume, this hair type is the ideal partner to the look. If you want to try an afro blowout, just remember to keep the sides of your hair shaved and neat for a balanced appearance.

Afro Blowout

3. Blonde Blowout

While a blowout is already quite a bold look, a blonde blowout can be even more eye-catching. The light colour combined with wind-blown style creates a unique appearance. Whether you’re naturally blonde or not, you should consider this look for a more individualistic take on the trend.

Blonde Blowout

4. Blowout with Fade

Traditionally, blowout hairstyles have featured faded sides. Although today you’ll find all kinds of variations, a blowout with a fade is still a great look. To modernise the style, begin your fade from the crown with definition between the longer hair on top of your head and the shorter sides. Doing so will also reference the undercut hairstyles that are so popular today.

Blowout with Fade Haircut

5. Wavy Blowout

If your hair is naturally wavy, try embracing the blowout. Thanks to your hair’s organic texture, your blowout will appear modern and stylish. While the long length on top of your hair will display your waves nicely and have a relaxed appearance, the faded sides will keep things tidy and sophisticated.

Wavy Blowout Haircut

6. Full Volume Blowout

Gents with thick hair will find that a blowout looks great on them. The full volume appearance will have the type of dramatic look that was intended for this cut. Just be sure to keep things neat and well groomed. A wild and frizzy voluminous blowout can often appear unkempt and unstylish.

Full Volume Blowout Haircut

7. Messy Blowout

A sharp, structured blowout can easily seem outdated. To keep things modern, opt for a stylishly dishevelled look instead. To create the style, simply mess and scrunch hair using hands and some pomade after blow-drying. The result will be a polished bedhead look that’s perfect for the weekend.

Messy Blowout Haircut

8. Quiffed Blowout

Combining a blowout with an unstructured quiff is an excellent way to merge two trends into one. While the blowout will provide a great voluminous look, the quiff will help add shape and definition. To achieve the style, use hands and some pomade to gently mould your blowout into a wave shape at your forehead hairline.

Quiffed Blowout Haircut

9. Crown Blowout

This contemporary blowout style features a long section of hair on the crown of the head with a high fade on the sides. The contrast between the tall top section and the shaved sides creates an elongating effect, making it ideal for those with a round face shape. If your face is oval, you can still rock this look but consider shortening the length on top or lowering the fade.

Crown Blowout Haircut

10. Short Curly Blowout

As short curly hair already has a natural tendency to sit up, a blowout can make a great styling option. The simple look shouldn’t take much work and will have a stylish result. Just remember that the more you blow-dry, the frizzier your hair will be.

Short Curly Blowout Haircut

11. Pushed Back Blowout

This look is ideal for men with quite a bit of length on top. It’s created by first blow-drying strands straight up before lightly combing or pushing the ends backwards. The addition of sharp, shaved sides also makes this blowout a seriously sophisticated and stylish cut.

Pushed Back Blowout Haircut

12. Modern Blowout

Instead of trying a rock-hard blowout, modernise the look with a soft, textural appearance. While blow-drying your hair upwards will help achieve height and volume, it’ll take some hair product to keep it there. Instead of using gel, which can often have a hardening effect, try a pomade, which boasts a more natural finish.

Modern Blowout Haircut

13. Spiked Blowout

If you like the look of a blowout but want something with an edgier aesthetic, consider trying a spiked blowout. The style, which works particularly well for men with straight strands, appears more sharp and intense than regular blowouts. To create the style at home, blow-dry hair straight up using a brush or comb before taking some hair product between your fingers and pulling pieces of hair upwards into a sharp spike.

Spiked Blowout Haircut

14. Textured Blowout

While getting your hair cut into a cool blowout shape is easy, styling it to achieve your desired look can be more difficult. If after blow-drying you’re finding your hair is fluffy and unappealing, try adding some texture. All you need is the smallest bit of texturizer through the front section of your hair to completely transform your style.

Textured Blowout Haircut

15. Cropped Blowout

A blowout hairstyle isn’t just restricted to men with long hair on top. These days, a short, cropped blowout can look just as stylish as any standard version. Thanks to its subtle appearance, you can even rock this look to the office with confidence.

Cropped Blowout Haircut

How to Style a Blowout Haircut

  • Towel dry hair after washing.
  • Blow-dry the hair on top of your head while using a nozzle to direct the air up and back and a round brush to pull strands upwards.
  • Once your hair is standing up, use your fingers and some pomade or gel to direct the hair around the outside of the crown upwards.
  • Spray the top of your hair with hairspray.
  • Blow-dry strands again, using your hands or a comb to create your desired shape and style.


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